You will find more "about me" here: I am a survivor first! I am a Chronic Pain Patient who is hard of hearing & lives with Severe Systemic-Full Body RSD/CRPS, the highest form of chronic pain known; at #43 on McGill Pain Scale. I also live with several other high pain chronic illnesses (*EDS-4,Autonomic Neuropathy, RA, Dysautonomia/POTS, Gastroparesis, Chronic Erosive Gastritis, GERD, Asthma, Prinzmetal Angina, CVID, S.I.B.O. and more). I continue to be a mentor for newly DX RSD/CRPS patients. I'm a blogger and Author/Staff columnist for "National Pain Report". I'm a Patient Leader for WEGO Health as well as being a freelance writer for several different venues. I've volunteered to help IDA for for Invisible Disabilities Awareness week in October & I was asked to be featured in their "Invisible No More" YouTube Channel.
I not only blog for my own therapy of sorts, but in the hope of helping others. I am a guest writer/blogger for RSDSA, RSDHOPE, U.S. Pain Foundation and others. I'm founder of R.A.S.E.for CRPS (@RASEforCRPS on Twitter, RASEforCRPS on Instagram and Also I founded "People In Pain Unite" on Facebook/Twitter (@Ppl_InPainUnite)...-(TearsofTruth-Blog)/Instagram. On Instagram, I also have a page named: "InvisibleDiseases".
I've been a Chemo-Angel, Card Angel, Special Assignments Angel and Prayer Angel for the "Chemo-Angels" program since 2005. I've been a Patient Health advocate/activist since 2007. I have an Advocacy You Tube Channel at: . I also have a sign Language Youtube channel where I post ASL Covers of Many different kinds of uplifting songs. The ASL Youtube page is found at: Along with doing these things; I enjoy being an Ambassador & Advocate and Board Member for the U.S. Pain Foundation. I do awareness events, fundraisers and I help with other programs, such as "Learn About Your Pain". Recently, in 2018, I was appointed to the US Pain Foundations Board of Directors. I would love to be a part of their Advisory Board. I'd enjoy imagining a program for chronic pain patients and make it come to fruition and then facilitate it. I always say that "HOPE is a verb, and in order to have it, you must do something". To keep it, you have to keep doing, trying and not giving up. Most everything you need to know about me, or to find me on Social Media, you can find at: ...OR at
**I am not a Medical personnel nor do I claim to be an expert regarding any of the subjects I may write about. I write from my own experiences. Also, Please don't copy or reproduce any part of this blog without my permission. Thank you!

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