SR Dryja

Sherry Dryja is a woman who is a lifelong, card-holding, diehard dilettante in every way. That means she has an interest in almost any subject and spends just enough time with it to learn the basics before she’s off chasing another interest. Dilettantes are rarely experts in any one field. She is an expert in seeking, experimenting, researching, wandering, and tasting life.

If you, too, are a dilettante, you may enjoy following her writings around the internet. She has written for the magazine Beer Connoisseur, as well as their website. She edits contributor stories and writes about travel and fitness for Jet Planes and Coffee. She also writes about event planning and inspiration at Action Event Services, and she edits their online shop. On rare occasions she has been known to break out the artistic tools to design websites and marketing materials for a select group of clients. When she’s not writing, traveling, or creating online, she’s illustrating patent drawings for her husband’s patent law firm.

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