Kyle Perry (Disciple of >>>YESHUA + HAMASHEIACH who is risen, HE^^^ is risen indeed)

Nashville, TN

First off, I give glory only to Jesus, the firstborn of all creation, to whom a nothing, wretch, miserable, poor, blind and naked man like me deserves nothing but hell. i am a wretch of a man and a sinner who has been saved only by the repentence (teshuva to Yeshua) of my shin (sins) to a Gloriful all powerful creator who is to be worshipped and reverenced by all creation. None of us are perfect, and we cannot save ourselves. That is why we must RELY on the Glory and blood and sinless person and living El named Yeshua Hamasheiach who came to earth nearly two-thousand years ago fully man and fully human and Eloheim, and came to save us from our sins. He loves us and is for us and will never leave us or forsake us if you accept HIM^^^ as master, KING of creation and LORD above all LORDS. It is only by the grace of the LORD Jesus Christ by which we can be saved. Not ourselves, our own efforts, or the way that seems right to us or our own understanding. Trust in YHWH and Yeshua alone for your salvation. Love HIM, and then LOVE your neighbor as you LOVE yourself by Grace alone you are saved, and it is not because of anything you have done or ever will do. (it is written: "Your shin (sin) will find you out. (BUT it is written again, "IF YOU CONFESS and forsake them you will find mercy.) It is also written: "The wages of shin (sin) is DEATH, but the gift of God is eternal Lechaim (LIFE) through Christ JESUS + our LORD. it is only Jesus who saves, not because of you or any efforts you make to make yourself righteous. Jesus doesn't want a performance, (by saying for example : "i am a good person." do NOT be deceived. Eloheim is not mocked, for whatsoever an ish (man) sows, that also shall HE reap. If you have been worshipping yourself or your own works or efforts to make it to heaven, then it is time (clock now) to Teshuva to Yeshua and REPENT, for the KINGDOM of heaven is at hand! not by us or for us, or because we are good. If we get what we deserve or think we can save ourselves by our own performance, then we have been DECEIVED! scripture says the wages of sin is DEATH. (but!) there is HOPE. Jesus Christ came into the world with only one mission: to seek and to save (deliver us) from our own failures and sins. He loves us and died for us so that we wouldn't have to worry about hell or death or the grave! He swallowed up death when HE^^^ rose to the heavens nearly 2000 years ago and is seated on the right hand of Abba the Father (Eloheim). But the only way to Yeshua is to accept HIM^^^ not only as saviour, (which is a must,) but as master and LORD and even KING of all creation and your own LIFE! (you are not the only one!) many others have come to Jesus in the recent years and have suffered things because of it! Just because you live a life of love to the saviour does not mean your entire life will be easy! Jesus NEVER promised easy! He said HIS^^^ yoke is easy and HIS burden light, but LIFE was meant to be narrow and difficult to live! Jesus says: I AM the way, the truth (the word of Eloheim, living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword), and the LECHAIM (life), NO ish (man) comes to the ABBA Father but by HIM^^^ Jesus! Jesus is the only KING<, saviour and LORD of all! not you! nothing you can do or ever have done or can ever do can seperate you from the love of Eloheim which is in Christ Jesus our LORD. Jesus Confess with your mouth the LORD Jesus (or Master Yeshua in Ivrit (Hebrew), and believe IN your heart that Eloheim has raised HIM^^^ YESHUA from the dead and you will be saved. That's it! Just believe! nothing more, nothing less, just belive that you don't save or can't be saved or can save anyone, even yourself! It is only through HIS^^^ blood alone and HIS^^^ atoning sacrifice of HIS^^^ own LIFE that we can have eternal Lechaim. JESUS said: I AM the resurrection and the Lechaim! ... Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ, and you WILL be saved. YESHUA is the answer. Just HIM and only HIM forever. Just JESUS. :) oh, and Praise JESUS in the heights says Psalm 148:3 is a Messianic dance ministry committed to REVIVING Davidic dance in the 21st Century while giving glory ONLY to the Eloheim of Israel (our Audience of ECHAD) Jesus Christ, to whom we owe everything
Since 2007, New Heights has assisted bringing individuals and congregations into worship, and is dedicated to drawing believers closer to the LORD.

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