Sean Kemery

New York, NY

Based in New York, Sean Kemery served as a senior trader at Deutsche Bank, focusing on commodities such as oil, gold, coffee, and sugar. Sean Kemery maintains a strong interest in the financial sphere and follows macro-level trends for various commodities.

In making trading decisions, technical analysis is often employed to determine entry and exit points. Predictive charts are generated to consider factors such as volume and price patterns. Moving averages (MA) are a key indicator within this and involve finding the average closing price over a specified period of time. Taking a close look at the MA can often yield insight into hidden trends and get beyond the random short-term fluctuations that occur with any equity.

Another popular indicator of momentum is the relative strength index (RSI), which sets in place a 0 to 100 scale that helps determine whether the market is currently oversold or overbought. Typically, a RSI of 70 and above is seen as an indicator of an overbought situation and under 30 of an oversold situation. That said, traders often set in place their own preferred parameters, which rely on a complex range of commodity- and market-specific inputs.