Milwaukee, WI - USA - Tera (Earth) - Milky Way Galaxy

Personal Info:

As the administrator and only user of this site. S is just a man who likes video games and the occasional outing at a convention. Not overly interested in sexual relationships and just got an account here to talk to some of his friends that exist here. Generally interested in becoming a better person within the fandom in the hopes of producing something magical. But right now just a low-end artist.

S also beleives that describing himself in the third person is bizzare but often it's how profiles end up sounding.

It should also be noted that S has been a lot of species throughout his time in the fandom and tends to view personas and different species as simply actors that have different personalities.

Character Info:

Currently, Saxon Config Viverredae is a Male Binturong approximately 5’9″ . His profession is a reporter in the future known as the “After-Now” network transponder grid. Whenever possible S enjoys the finer things of humanity such as nice clothing. Wearing things like business suits and glasses may be common for him. And having them custom fit to keep tail, feet and hands moving freely as he works.

Although things like clothing is not really required. It’s something nostalgic of the old world yet also something to look forward to. S likes to believe that the suit regardless of form doesn’t make the fur. But the fur still has the duty to shine brighter then any textile he or she wears.