well well well....
i m simple but typical at d same time...
i m a smooth talker & good at getting wat i want..!
M good at stirring emotions in people and repeating back to them :)
m upbeat and positive in a group that needs some excitement
i dnt want 2 exaggerate bt i got tendency to bring out the best in people. & wonderfully optimistic person ...

I m kinda strange and full of contrasts, often egotistic & aggressive, bt thats a part that needed after all 2 survive in this mean world.

M also noble,wen it cums 2 sweet people , well inshort i hav unexpected reactions,
I am spontaneous,wen it cums 2 ma fav work afterall .....
A true fact about me , m not always liked but often admired,

i think if i ll write any more , u will think it as show of...lolz..
so i ll end up wid dis last but imp fact

m half -glass full kinda person..

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