Dennis Mc Donald


Welcome to my website. I prefer to speak through my writing, but do think introductions are in order. I was raised as a child of the 60’s and fed a constant supply of black-and-white late night monster movies. Because of those influences, I seem destined to put terrifying tales to paper. In the past I’ve written a role-playing game system plus scripted, directed, and performed for a local horror hosting show on television. Recently, I’ve authored two books of horror. The first is a collection of tales of terror titled 13 Nightmares, and the second a frightening werewolf novel titled Ebon Moon. Both have earned Editor’s Choice by the publisher. I’ve also scripted The Last Trick or Treater , a story from 13 Nightmares which has been adapted into a short horror film. My current project is a zombie novel sat in my home state of Oklahoma. Check out my site. Read the samples of my work. Buy my books.  If you like tense, fast-paced character-driven horror stories, I ‘m the author for you.

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