R. Dahra Hargaalga (The Oboiro).

Benin City, Nigeria.


“Oboiro” is an idea inherited by the Edo Race of the Kingdom of Great Benin, Nigeria. I am a Companion of the dwellers of Holy Mountains, a Spiritual Consultant, and an Anthropologist of Religions (Anthropologue des religions)

I have a mandate of dwellers of the Holy Mountains: I reveal and broadcast the truth after which people quest.

I help people to solve spiritual, mental health, and other problems: I help them regain control.


The services I offer are those that the COMMUNITY OF WITNESSES OF HOLY MOUNTAINS offers. (See

We guide questers seeking after TRUTH to discover the true SOUNDS of Holy Mountain IDACHA.

We provide spiritual guidance for members and friends in consonance with the SOUNDS and messages from Companions, and relevant like dwellers of all Holy Mountains, Lakes, Fountains, Hills, Pristine Country Sides, and so on.

Membership of the Community of Witnesses Of Holy Mountains confers ASSURANCE of protection against demons, elementals, black magic, witchcraft spirits, marine spirits, spells, and voodoo. However, one needs to live properly to enjoy fully, these benefits of AFFILIATION and COMPANIONSHIP. We guide in proper living and Praying.

We create and supply spiritual means, LiveAxes, and replacements for talismans, amulets, etc. These others that are not of the dwellers of the Holy Mountains are bereft of PUISSANCE (the SECRET mystical energies) that comes only through the Holy Mountains.


Diploma In Engineering (Mechanical & Production), West Germany. (1967)

B. A. Special Economics, Edmonton, Canada. . (1974)

Registered Traditional Medicine Practitioner as OBOIRO (since 1990 Edo State Traditional Medicine Board)

RESEARCH (Post Graduate)

Post Graduate Work at the Centre for Advanced Studies In Theoretical Psychology (human personality; Empirical Semantics, Psychiatry, Anthropology), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. (1975).

RESEARCH (Commissioned)

Study for The Government Of Alberta, Canada.

TITLE: Some Basic Problems In Understanding Africa (1974).

Presented as The Oboiro at Urhokpota Hall, Benin City, Nigeria (1990)

Received the permission to establish OGUA (SANCTUARY) and College from Omo n Oba EREDIAUWA (2012)


- Founder CEO of Rudrakh Drugless Therapy Center (RDTC) (February 1983-1990) later absorbed into Aruokun Commune.
-Counseling and Prayer for Spiritual Healing and Mental Health
-Coaches trainees in Holy Mountains Prayer
-NewWorship Prayer Campaigner
- Practise Oboiro-divination
-Manufacture and supply spiritual artefacts and weapons for PSD.
- Published in Nigeria, The USA, and Britain; Columnist (Nigeria Observer); blogger.
-Held a session of “ARUOKUN OKE N’ ANUBODE” on top of the Holy Mount

Bini (Edo), Hausa, English, German, and French

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