R. Dahra Hargaalga (The Oboiro).

Benin City, Nigeria.

Diploma In Engineering (Mechanical & Production), West Germany. (1967)
B. A. Special Economics, Edmonton, Canada. . (1974)
Registered Traditional Medicine Practitioner as OBOIRO (since 1990 Edo State Traditional Medicine Board)
RESEARCH (Post Graduate): Post Graduate Work at the Centre for Advanced Studies In Theoretical Psychology (human personality; Empirical Semantics, Psychiatry, Anthropology), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. (1975).
RESEARCH (Commissioned): Study for The Government Of Alberta, Canada.
TITLE: Some Basic Problems In Understanding Africa (1974).
Presented as The Oboiro at Urhokpota Hall, Benin City, Nigeria (1990)
Received the permission to establish OGUA (SANCTUARY) and College from Omo n Oba EREDIAUWA (2012)

The Oboiro is the spiritual consultant (Ọbo) who routinely confers with spiritual and divine entities (ẹrinmwin) that include the dwellers, and the archetypal ancestors of humankind on Holy Mountains, as well as on other sites of miracles and spiritual marvels. The presence of the Oboiro causes them to emerge to either confer with the Oboiro, or open divine spiritual channels of solutions to intimate spiritual problems for those present: they emerge anywhere the Oboiro is present without him invoking them. Their images from a projector for example, moved in the presence of the Oboiro during a presentation: The doctoral multidisciplinary training school for sociology-anthropology doctorate candidates in "Spaces, cultures and development," (of the University of Abomey-Calavi) had invited all doctoral students and auditors of the Diploma of Studies In depth (DEA); they were the witnesses of the event. He guides and heals clients through the communication with ẹrinmwin. As ọbo, he is ọbo nẹ bọ hian ọmwan, meaning the ọbo who does not extort (hian) blood and other offerings from clients—unlike priests, Babalawos, oraclists, soothsays, and native-or witchdoctors (his natural enemies).

- Founder CEO of Rudrakh Drugless Therapy Center (RDTC) (February 1983-1990) later absorbed into Aruokun Commune.
-Counseling and Prayer for Spiritual Healing and Mental Health
-Coaches trainees in Holy Mountains Prayer
-NewWorship Prayer Campaigner
- Practise Oboiro-divination
-Manufacture and supply spiritual artefacts and weapons for PSD.
- Published in Nigeria, The USA, and Britain; Columnist (Nigeria Observer); blogger.
-Held a session of “ARUOKUN OKE N’ ANUBODE” on top of the Holy Mount

Bini (Edo), Hausa, English, German, and French

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