Céline is a changemaker.

Céline doesn’t dream about changing the World by herself, but she believes that together we can end injustice, all kind of injustices.

For the past five years, Céline has been based in Cambodia working for the non-profit Destination Justice and its social enterprise the Justice Café. She evolved from a socially awkward intern to a dedicated program manager, while pursuing a PhD in Law and working on her photography and film-making skills.

Céline took the occasion of being based in the Kingdom of Wonder to explore the cultural and environmental diversity of the Asian-Pacific region, traveling solo from the Himalayas to the Mount Fuji through Mandalay, Palawan or Tasmania, and hiking to the top of the Kawah Ijen, the Mount Hallasan or in the deep jungle of the Taman Negara.

Céline is born on the 1st September 1989 (1/9/89) which makes her birth date the same as her birth year, which she thinks is really cool (but no one usually cares)!