Kelsy King

New Hampshire

I am a compassionate individual that enjoys traveling, writing, decorating, family, friends, and self-exploration. I passionately experience all that I do with honesty and love, with guidance from God. I believe that sharing the trials and joys that I have been through will help others in similar situations, and provide hope and inspiration for the future.

I am a former Registered Nurse, that refuses to give up the title of RN. I worked extremely hard for that title, and I use those skills frequently. Unfortunately my daily struggle with Mental Illness prevents me from the ability of working.

I raised a family and began that triumph, through many obstacles, at the age of fifteen. My children are all loving human beings who are successful in their lives. I am a grandmother, and thoroughly enjoy the title of "MiMi". Also, I am on my second marriage and am enjoying a healthy relationship with a wonderful man.

Life is truly a Journey.

I am honored that you have decided to take this walk of self-discovery and awareness with me. This path may be winding, but the destination will be beautiful. It is with hope and faith that I'm assured of this.

For it is with trials and determination that which strength and wisdom is achieved.

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